About the society

The Nordic Society for Phenomenology / Nordisk Selskab for Fænomenologi (NoSP) was founded in May 2001 in Copenhagen. Its primary aim is to further dialogue and cooperation between scholars in the Nordic countries, and to promote scholarship, teaching, research, and publication in the area of phenomenology and continental philosophy generally.

Membership of the Society is free and open to all persons interested in furthering its purposes and in participating in its activities, independently of geographic location and scholarly interests.

The activity of the society revolves around an annual meeting, typically organized in one of the Nordic countries. The meetings consist of lectures, seminars and discussions on issues pertaining to phenomenology and other related disciplines in philosophy. The Society has an open and inclusive conception of phenomenology, and we welcome abstracts exploring a variety of approaches, including, but not limited to, hermeneutics, feminist philosophy, critical theory, deconstruction, and post-structuralism, in addition to classical phenomenology. We also welcome abstracts exploring points of convergence between phenomenology, broadly conceived, and analytic philosophy.

The executive committee of the society consists of five members, one from each of the five Nordic
 countries, elected by the members on a three-year cycle during the annual business meeting. The president is elected from the executive committee by all members, also on a three year cycle and with a maximum tenure of six years.

The executive committee of the society are:

Søren Overgaard, President (Denmark)

Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir (Iceland)

Timo Miettinen (Finland)

Ingvild Torsen (Norway)

Charlotta Weigelt (Sweden)

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